Why Annual Roof Checkups are Important in Oahu

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things that we’ll do, but most likely fixing a root issue is not one of them. After all, you have to be courageous enough to climb up there. Then when you’re up there, you have to have the skills to remedy the problem.

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 Having your roof looked at every year, by an experienced contractor can save you the thought of ever having to do your roof repair work. Not only that, but by participating in a yearly roof look-over, many roof ailments can be prevented. Avoiding roof issues can save home owners thousands of dollars. 

 What Roofers Look For in Annual Checkups

 Having your roof examined annually is well-worth it, here are a number of things the contractor will look for:

 a. unpredictable wear and tear

 b. organic growth

 c. shingle issues

 d. the chimney, gutters, roof vents etc 

 will be examined

 Sometimes wear and tear can occur much quicker than expected. In cases like these the roof examiner will need to find out why. Is it due to heavy seasonal rain, snow or extremely hot weather? Or is it due to improper installation or faulty products? Standing pools of water on the roof that have no where to go can also open the door to potential cracks.

 Wear and Tear

 A good Honolulu roofing company will be able to get to the bottom of the cause. Wear and tear typically, does not began begin until many years after the installation. Cracks will appear in the ceiling of a home, when the ceiling begins to shift, primarily from shrinkage. 

 Ceiling Cracks

 Shrinkage can occur due to humidity and temperature changes over the years. When this happens the size of the wood in the ceiling will change. Obviously, this change in size will effect many things, including producing cracks in the ceiling and walls of the home.

 When ceiling joists are pushed away from wall plates it creates cracks. These cracks can easily be patched up with drywall tape and other fixers. However, if the crack is beyond 1/8 inches in width and is longer than 18 inches long than a drywall patch will not do the trick, professional roofers will then be needed. 

 Moss Growth

 When it comes to organic growth moss is very common on roofs. Moss creates spores. Spores are airborne, because they are airborne they have the capability of floating up to the roof of a home. Once the spores have settled and it’s the right season, the spores grow into moss. What home owners and roof contractors dread about moss is that it is attracted to shingles.

 Moss can do horrific damage to shingles. Keep in mind, moss gather and collect water/moisture, this is bad news for shingles. If enough water is collected under the shingles, the entire roof could become saturated and possibly collapse.

 A professional roof contractor can brush off the moss or use powders that contain moss killing agents. If neither one of these activities work, then using a special chemical may be a last option. However, be sure to use a chemical that does not do too much harm to the environment. Ask your roofing contractor if there are any environmentally safe chemicals that can be used.

 Roof Shingles

 When roof shingles began to lose their granules, it may be time for a contractor to replace them. Shingle granules loss can occur due to heavy storms, rains, and other factors. Once the shingles have lost a good bit of granules, the shingles are no longer as beneficial.

 Chimney Checks

 Professional contractors during a typical yearly checkup will check the chimney, vents and gutters. Chimneys are checked to make sure their caps are positioned. Without a cap chimneys are susceptible to rain pouring in, along with birds etc. Chimney crowns are also checked. Crowns are used to prevent water from seeping down into the chimney. 

 When it comes to chimney flashing, it is important that the contractor makes sure that all areas are properly covered with sealant. Sealant is needed to keep the moisture out. The more water and moisture that is kept out of these areas, the longer your roof will last.

 If you are having your roof inspected be sure to have your vents and gutters looked at. Vents must be free from debris in order to work sufficiently. The gutters are just as important. 

 If your gutters are filled with leaves etc, how can water be drained? This is especially hazardous during winter months when the water can freeze. Having clear gutters protects your roof and your home from ice that can build up.